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Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car is a legal requirement, however if you want to get the most out of your car then making sure it is well maintained should help to maximise its efficiency.

Your MOT is an annual check to see if your car or van is in a roadworthy condition but does not check the mechanical workings of your engine. At an MOT test the inspector looks at:

• Vehicle Identification Number & Registration Plate;
• Steering & Suspension;
• Windscreen including Wipers/Washers;
• Horn;
• Seats & Seatbelts;
• Fuel System;
• Exhaust System & Exhaust Emissions;
• Vehicle Structure;
• Doors;
• Mirrors;
• Wheels & Tyres;
• Lights; and
• Brakes

But if you want to keep your car running like a well-oiled machine day after day then there are some straightforward car maintenance tips you should always try and follow:

Make sure your car always has enough oil – if it runs low or you add too much oil to your engine then your car will not run as efficiently as it could.

Maintain your tyre pressures – this is not only for your own safety as driving on under inflated tyres can cause unpredictable handling that could lead to an accident, but they will also reduce the mileage you get out of your tank of petrol.

Make sure there’s enough water – if your car uses water as a coolant then this should be regularly topped up so your car doesn’t overheat.

Keep a check on how you drive – accelerating and braking sharply, riding the clutch pedal and driving at excessive speeds, all take their toll on the engine and if you can avoid doing this while you drive you will be helping to maintain your engine.

These tips will help to keep your engine in the best possible condition, however if you need the services of a mechanic then check out our comprehensive database for vehicle professionals in your area.

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