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Reliable Mechanic

Finding a reliable mechanic, one who will give you a good service at a decent price and have room in his busy schedule for your vehicle, seems to many to be an impossible dream. However if you follow the following tips you could be one of the lucky ones who can claim to know a reliable mechanic.

The first thing to remember is that you need to start looking for a reliable mechanic BEFORE you need one. If you wait until your car needs to be repaired the pressure of trying to get your car fixed quickly won’t give you the chance to see if the mechanic is a good one before you have to hand over the money. So whether you’ve moved to a new town or just bought a car start looking for a mechanic as soon as possible.

The best option when it comes to finding a reliable mechanic is to get a recommendation from a friend. If your friends do not know any good mechanics then why not ask people who drive the same car as you where they get their car repairs done. Alternatively you will have to use your own powers of deduction to see if the garage you’re considering is a good one. Some things to try include:

• Asking the garage for the name and number of some previous customers so you can talk to them directly;

• Check the walls of the garage for evidence of qualifications and service awards from manufacturers;

• Get quotes for the same job from several different mechanics. Your quote should not only include cost but how much time the job will take, these can then be compared to check that you are not being overcharged.

If your car is generally in good condition you may only need to find a mechanic once a year for the MOT. This can be another good time to look for a mechanic, especially if you live near a government MOT testing centre. These centres are open to the public and only do MOT tests, not repairs. This means there’s no incentive to make up faults that aren’t there. If you have given yourself enough time you can try a few local MOT centres and mechanics, and use the report from the government MOT centre to check how trustworthy they are.

Regardless of how you choose to find a reliable mechanic you can use our comprehensive car services listings to find a mechanic near you.

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